Course Date:
16 - 17 September 2021
Course Cost: £2550 £1500
0% Interest Installments 3 x £500

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The South West FRCR 2B Premium Course is a comprehensive revision course for candidates sitting the 2B part of the FRCR examinations.

The benefits of the course are

1) 2 day Course with up to 14 hours of viva experience is the longest and most intensive course when compared to any other course worldwide. Out of the 6 sessions of Vivas on the course, You will get the benefit of 4 opportunities to sit on the hot seat for 30 minutes with a pair of examiners, each examiner conducting a 15-minute viva followed by 15 minutes of feedback which is almost 3 hours on the hot seat.

2) You then get to observe over 11 hours of vivas on other candidates which is unprecedented for any course.

3)  6 months access to the  Revise Radiology FRCR Premier 2B which has all the resources you need to pass FRCR 2B in one package. Here's what you get with this course:

Over 30 Long Case Packets and 70 Rapid Reporting packets so you can cover almost all the kinds of questions you'll be asked in the exam

4 hours of live online Viva practice every single month of the year, with hot-seat opportunities and experienced examiners so you can build the confidence to pass the Viva segment on the day of the exam.

6 months’ worth of recordings of previous Viva sessions and around 25 hours of FRCR-specific webinars, so you can enhance your knowledge and see examples of typical cases you'll need to pass the exam.

A game-changing exam strategy that's been reviewed and approved by FRCR experts in an email series that's only for subscribers so you can create your own fail-proof Exam preparation strategy

An optional monthly extension plan so you have to pay only for the period that's right for you

 The software on Revise Radiology has been designed to simulate the new RCR Platform 'Practique' for the written components of the examination. This means that you get to practice using shortcuts for manipulation of the images and practice typing in your answers and thereby increase your speed when you do the actual examination. The Revise Radiology online course includes model answers to all the cases and also allows you to compare your performance with your peers.On the rapid reporting section, you also get an insight on whether you have a tendency to overcall or under call x-rays. There are no written exams during the onsite course as that is provided by Revise Radiology on its online platform.  

4) You can also do 8 packets of rapid reporting and long cases exclusive to the South West FRCR Course using the online platform provided for by Revise Radiology.

5) Many of our examiners have been helping with our course for many years and have been put through rigorous assessment and training on multiple occasions by an assessor (which includes former FRCR examiners). This means that the viva packets they use are of a similar standard to the FRCR examinations. Examiners are also assessed on the quality of their feedback and assessment.

6) 6 months access to the FRCR Coaching Circle plan,  a high-impact online group coaching program, designed expressly with Radiologists who are sitting their FRCR Exams in mind.

If you choose to join us, our professionally trained coaches will help you pass the FRCR Exams by providing accountability, revision planning techniques and motivation. Our program aims are simple and effective:

·         To help you clarify your priorities and plan your studying

·         To identify the tools you need to pass the Exam

·         To help you step into your strengths and move past what stops you

·         To assist you as you take massive action

·         To provide accountability

You can get more details of the coaching circle on

Course Includes

  • Rapid Reporting Packets - 8 (Value £100)
  • Payment by Installments Available -
  • Revise Radiology FRCR 2B All Inclusive Course - 6 months (Value £900)
  • FRCR Coaching Circle Subscription - 6 months (Value £600)
  • ONLINE Hot Seat Viva Sessions (15 mins each with 10 mins feedback) - 8 (Value £600)
  • Vivas Observed (15 mins each with 10 mins feedback) - 24 (Value £150)
  • Long Case Packets - 8 (Value £200)

Cancellation policy

All bookings are nonrefundable. Transfer to a future course can be made subject to a transfer charge of £50+VAT, if we are informed more than 30 days before the onsite course.

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