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The South West FRCR courses are comprehensive revision courses for candidates sitting for the 2B part of the FRCR examinations.

The courses are run 2 to 3 weeks before the actual examination so that you get maximum revision and practice before sitting the FRCR 2B.

Most of our consultants have been involved with us for a very long time and we have assessed them every time to ensure that the quality of cases you are shown reflects the level needed to pass the FRCR 2B Vivas. They are trained on giving feedback which candidates have repeatedly told us is one of the highlights of our courses.

As part of signing up to our onsite course, you get 6-12 months access to all the 60+ rapid reporting packets and 20+ long case packets on Revise Radiology with model answers provided to help you get the most out of the course.

The written material is built on a platform to mirror the RCR Examination software 'Practique' to simulate the actual exam conditions. We use Apple Macs with HOROS software for the Vivas.

Signing up to the course gives you access to the new Revise Radiology Online Viva Course which consists of 1 half day course and full day viva course every 3 months. These sessions are recorded and available for you to view at your leisure upto 2 months after each course.

The Course is run at high quality venues. We currently run the UK course at the Canalside Conference Centre in Bridgwater. We have also run a course at the 5* Courtyard by Marriott at Kochi Airport, Kerala, India and considering running plans at various new locations internationally. We understand that good food is an essential part of attending a course and we ensure that you get a hot meal and adequate refreshments throughout the course. We ensure all our venues are in or near good quality hotels so you have a comfortable and refreshed stay during the course.