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The South West FRCR 2B ONLINE Course is an observer Viva revision course for candidates sitting the 2B part of the FRCR examinations.

The focus on the 2-day online course is on the viva component of the examination. This is an observer only course watching vivas of candidates who have signed up the online viva hot seat course. This course is ideal for someone who is early in their revision and wants to see a wide breath of cases or for someone who is close to the exam who wants to see how other candidates perform with a view to picking up tips to help them with the exam. The examiners will be running the viva either from our venue or from their home or workplace and the whole experience is designed to mirror the experience in the examination. Many of our examiners have been helping with our course for many years and have been put through rigorous assessment and training on multiple occasions by an assessor (which includes former FRCR examiners). This means that the viva packets they use are of a similar standard to the FRCR examinations. Examiners are also assessed on the quality of their feedback and assessment.

Being registered on the course also gives you an opportunity to purchase 12 months access to the Revise Radiology combined course which includes 60 Rapid Reporting and 10 Long Case packets hosted by our partner Revise Radiology at a significant discount. The software on Revise Radiology has been designed to have similar functionality as the new RCR Platform for the written components of the examination. This means that you get to practice using shortcuts for manipulation of the images and get to practice typing in your answers and thereby increase your speed when you do the actual examination. The Revise Radiology online course includes model answers to all the cases and also allows you to compare your performance with your peers. On the rapid reporting section, you also get an insight on whether you have a tendency to overcall or under call x-rays. We recommend you do these online packets in quiet examination like conditions using a PC or Mac Desktop with at least 8GB RAM and a fast internet connection as well as images projected on at least a 21-inch monitor.

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Cancellations more than 60 days before the onsite course - Refund minus £100 admin fee. Transfer to a future course can be made free of charge

Cancellations less than 60 days before the onsite course - No refunds. Transfers to a future course can be made subject to a transfer charge of £50, if we are informed more than 30 days before the onsite course.

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